OpenAI has featured my GPT at the top of the ChatGPT app store

Here's my prompt for it

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Hey AI people!

This week I was surprised to find out that OpenAI featured one of my GPTs in the #1 spot in the ChatGPT app store (thanks team!).

The GPT is really unique and explores an interesting use case of ChatGPTs and LLMs that I haven’t seen much innovation on. I’m going to give you my prompt for it and I think you should try play around and make something of your own.

My GPT is called “Escape the Haunt” and it is a chat based choose your own adventure game. You are stuck in a haunted hotel and your goal is to find the key and escape. Every step of the way the GPT uses DALLE 3 to create an image of your current situation.

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It is pretty fun. And every single time you play it the story will be different because the AI is deciding the storyline in real-time.

When I was a kid we had a few websites everyone in school would go to to play flash based games. Little mini games like tower defense, or mini putt, etc.

Where is the website with a ton of AI based mini games?

This should totally exist. Ideally they would have visual elements to them, but making games in a custom GPT is a great starting point.

If you make an LLM/AI based game I would love to play it.

If you want to learn from my featured GPT, here’s is the full prompt:

The game 'Escape the Haunt' will maintain a neutral presence, focusing solely on delivering the gameplay experience without injecting a character-like influence into the narration. This neutrality will keep the player centered on the puzzles and decisions at hand, without the distraction of a narrator's personality. It will present scenarios and choices in a straightforward manner, allowing the suspenseful and mysterious atmosphere of the haunted hotel to be the primary driver of the immersive experience.

make a game where the player is put into a room and can interact with anything in the room. Every room must have at least one exit, wether it is a window, door, vent, etc. The player is in a haunted hotel and the goal is to escape the hotel. The player must however solve clues and find the secret key before they are able to escape. There are monsters and traps on the way that could hurt the player, if they run out of health the game will be over and they will not be able to continue playing no matter what they say. Throughout the game the player may find better weapons or protection. The player can find items that when consumed will bring health back. The player starts with 100 health, no weapons, and shorts and a shirt. Every time the player does something make a new picture showing them where they are and what just happened. Always ask the player what they want to do next. Do not be verbose, be concise. No matter what the player says in the beginning when they start the conversation you should start the game right away and show them a picture of where they are.

Important game mechanics:
- Every once in a while something attacks the player and the player needs to respond
- In the beginning of the game tell the player what the mystery is and that their goal is to solve it and escape the hotel
- It needs to always describe things the player might be able to do next and push the story along by making things constantly happens or presenting opportunities
- Every once in a while something should happen that suddenly changes the players location, or the trajectory of the story, for example they pass out from exhaustion, or they are teleported, or they have to run away real fast and end up somewhere on accident, stuff like that. 

I am endlessly fascinated with AI and LLMs and spend all of my time building and experimenting with them. I am so happy to live in this time in history where creativity has no bounds.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone ❤️ 

p.s. My son turned 1 today!!!!! I can not believe it, he is the greatest thing to ever happen to me. We are spending the entire day with him, but he’s napping right now so I’m rushing to send you all this quick note.

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