Autonomous Agents Directory

A directory of autonomous agents powered by OpenAI, AutoGPT, BabyAGI, and more.

Hey everyone. I am maintaining a directory of autonomous agents. I will improve this over time!

If you want to get in touch reach out to me at matt at mattprd dot com 🙂 

If you are new to autonomous agents, please start by reading The Complete Beginners Guide to Autonomous Agents.

If you have found a new autonomous agent, or made one yourself, and you do not see it on this list, please send me an email at matt at mattprd dot com or DM me on Twitter.

Autonomous Agents:


  • An autonomous agent that writes code for you

  • MULTI•ON: An autonomous agent that lives in your browser

  • Voyager: An autonomous agent that plays Minecraft!

  • Waitlyst: An autonomous agent that monitors your users and uses GPT-4 to automatically react to changes in behavior.

  • Insights Analyst: An autonomous agents for brands to analyze their product reviews.

  • Skylines: Collaborative task manager between humans and autonomous agents.

  • SuperAgent: Easier to build your own autonomous agent.

  • GPTeam: Codebase for creating multiple autonomous agents that can all talk to each other.

  • AiAgent: New UI for creating your own autonomous agents from the web.

  • Levatas: Autonomous agent robot that can complete visual inspections of work areas.

  • AutoGPT Plugins: Plugins for search, web browsing, writing files, etc for AutoGPT

  • Fine-tuner AI: Another UI for building autonomous agents in the browser, this one lets you hook into lots of other apps and databases.

  • e2b: Create and deploy virtual software developers.

  • Spellpage: A todolist that does itself for you

  • Aomni: Autonomous agent for research

  • iBabyAGI: AutoGPT on your iPhone

  • Cognosys: Powerful webbased agent for productivity

  • Artificial Intelligence Platform from Palantir: Autonomous agent for warfare

  • SalesGPT: Autonomous agent for reaching out to new clients

  • AutoRPG: Autonomous agent that creates videos game levels

  • Do Anything Machine: Autonomous agent for research tasks

  • Toliman AI: Autonomous agent for research

  • God Mode: Autonomous agent for research

  • AgentGPT: Autonomous agent for research

  • Insight: Autonomous agent for medical research

  • HyperWrite Personal Assistant: Autonomous agent that controls your web browser

  • GlazeGPT: Autonomous agent internt

  • AgentLLM: Autonomous agent that uses a browser-native LLM instead of GPT

  • AlphaKit: Manage a team of autonomous agents

  • GPTRPG: An autonomous agent that lives in an RPG-environment