Introducing Simpsonize Me GPT

All ChatGPT+ users can now access GPTs!

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Hi everyone!

This Monday I was lucky enough to attend OpenAI DevDay in person. The energy was electric and I left feeling excited, and eager to tinker with the new APIs (128k context window omg) and GPT creator. I’ve been hacking away all week and I made you something.

One of the major announcements was the GPT creator and upcoming GPT directory, and as of 10 minutes ago these are available to everyone with ChatGPT+.

So what is a GPT?

A GPT is a mini AI assistant that you can make directly from ChatGPT. You can name it, give it a purpose, it can create AI images with Dalle 3, browse the web with Bing, pull data from documents, write code on the fly with code interpreter, and even integrate directly with your own APIs.

The best part? You don’t need to know how to code in order to make a GPT. You can make it just by talking to ChatGPT.

Here is a GPT I made that you can try right now. I made it in 10 minutes.

Introducing Simpsonize Me GPT.

Simply send it your picture and it will show you what you would look like if you were in the Simpsons.

This is what it looks like:

Here’s the picture it made for me:

Pretty cool, right?

I would love to see the Simpsons pictures you make with this! Reply back on this Twitter thread with your photo!

What GPTs are you going to make? What GPTs do you wish existed? I’m here to be your beta tester, send all your experiments my way and I will do my best to try all of them!

p.s. I made another fun GPT called Escape the Haunt GPT, you are stuck in a haunted hotel and you need to escape. Try it out here and see if you can save your life!

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