Everyone Will Have a Team Of AIs

Some will be your AIs and some will be others.

A world with super-intelligent AI everywhere is going to be much different from today’s. We’re only just beginning to adopt it.

For example.

Right now if I browse the web and go to an ecommerce store, I am there by myself. It’s lonely.

I click around the website, I look at a product, I’m probably a bit in a hurry, and there is nobody there to help.

But in a future where AI is cheap and everyone’s using it, the store would never let me shop alone. The store would surround me with a team of AIs that are there to help for any specific reason I might need.

Why? Because they will increase revenue by ensuring the customer is happy.

For example imagine you are shopping at a skin care store.

Instead of shopping alone you have a team that consists of these AIs:

  1. Personal Skincare Advisor AI

  2. New Arrivals Curator AI

  3. Customer Support AI

  4. Review and Feedback AI

  5. Skin Health Tracker AI

  6. Appointment Scheduler AI

  7. Loyalty and Rewards AI

  8. Skin Problem Solver AI

  9. Routine Reminder AI

  10. Virtual Try-On AI

You would be shopping with more support and guidance than you’ve ever experienced in your life, and all of them would be personalizing the experience just for you specifically.

The cost to assign a dedicated team of 10 humans to every single customer would be astronomical, if your website is getting 25,000 visits a month that would be 250,000 human staff you would have to employee.


But with AI? 250,000 AIs is going to be cheaper than hiring 5 humans.

This type of scale is going to be really weird and transformative. When you can scale digital people to the millions, what kinds of experiences can you offer?

This would also be true for the employees who worked at the store.

Instead of just being limited to their human teammates, who don’t know everything, have their own jobs to do, and most importantly aren’t synced up with your entire life’s schedule, as an employee you will be surrounded by your own team of AIs.

And they will just work for you. When you want and how you want.

You would be an entire company inside of the company all by yourself, one human and infinite AIs.

This future of human org charts vs AI org charts is fascinating.

And with 25 million ecommerce brands operating globally, most run by small teams of humans, I anticipate that these are one of the biggest groups of businesses poised to adopt AI first.

Why? Ecommerce brands have tight margins (unlike tech), they have a large amount of tedious tasks (copywriting, ad creations, data analysis, customer support, etc), and, most importantly, they are fairly tech savvy.

There is an entire world of how AI will impact ecommerce businesses, from internal operations (AI team around the employee) to customer facing (AI team around the customer).

I am completely fascinated by it.

So, I have decided to launch a newsletter focused on the topic of how these 25 million ecommerce teams can leverage AI.

If you operate in the world of ecommerce, maybe at a brand, or at an agency, you can follow along my related thoughts at aicheckout.io

I can’t wait to create this world where everyone has a team of AIs for every experience and objective. I’m working on this every day.