I challenge you to make a mini AI army

Here's how to do it

For the past few years I have been creating mini AI teammates to help me with everything imaginable:

  • Writing drafts for blog posts

  • Analyzing business decisions

  • Brainstorming social posts

  • Learning new topics

  • Assistants for customers

  • etc

And it’s been amazing, I now have a website I’ve built myself where it has a list of all of my AI teammates and I can one click into them to assign them their tasks.

Some of them I code myself, and a lot of them I use OpenAI’s custom GPT builder.

I even have mapped out AI workflows for repeatable tasks where it specifies what AI teammates I need to use at each step of the flow.

For example I have an AI that knows everything about my company and helps me brainstorm AI case study videos (like this one).

  • It comes up with multiple options for the concept, writes me a script (that I then give to Elevenlabs, another AI, to read it in an AI voice)

  • It gives me the Midjourney prompts to generate the images I need (which I later animate with AI from RunwayML)

  • It writes my social posts for me based on collections of viral posts it references as examples.

This has made me able to move much faster on all the tasks startup CEOs have to bounce between.

Anything I have to do twice I turn into a mini AI teammate.

And not only have I invented teammates for myself, more recently I did something even more interesting.

There is a marketer I follow who runs an agency, and I LOVE their content. I reached out to work with them but they didn't get back to me.

So I took all their content and turned them into a custom GPT on ChatGPT and now I talk with them there for free whenever I want.

Now I’m thinking of creating not just an army of my own mini teammates, but an army of AIs of people I admire. Without them even knowing it they will be joining my team and talking to me on a regular basis.

I can hire anyone, or at least a version of them, for free and without anyone even knowing. I can assemble a team of perfect employees I make and perfect employees I clone.

How crazy is that?!

And you should be doing this too.

It’s not hard and it will save you valuable time.

Here is how to create your own army of mini AIs:

  • Write down a list of the things you do on a regular basis. Maybe it is writing a blog post, maybe it is analyzing a type of document.

  • Create a custom GPT on OpenAI for each one.

  • Put the links to these GPTs in a doc where you can access them at any time.

  • Anytime your custom GPT doesn’t perform correctly, immediately update it’s instructions so that next time it does better.

And if you don’t want to spend an entire day making yourself mini AI teammates, at the very least the next time you start doing something you have to do regularly, instead of just doing the task take just a little bit more time and create a mini AI teammate who will do it for you.

I challenge you to go make your mini AI army.

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