Building GPTs? I made a free community

It's time to build!

Hey everyone!

It’s only been a week since OpenAI announced that you could build apps for ChatGPT called GPTs and already thousands of GPTs are being made.

Why? Because 100,000,000 people use ChatGPT every week and if you make an amazing GPT then there are A LOT of people who could potentially end up using it!

And OpenAI said they are going to pay you if your GPT is being used by a lot of people.

It is possible that many millionaires will be made just from popular GPTs. 

It’s even possible that some GPTs will become so popular they will go on to raise capital and create massive businesses on top of their GPT growth (building additional standalone products).

And GPTs are really easy to make, you don’t even need to be able to code. You can code with language (like English for example).

If you can write a prompt you can make a GPT.

I made “Simpsonize Me” in 10 minutes and already 7,000 people have used it.

I also made “Bloggy: Automated Blog Post Writer” and it is the most amazing AI blog writing tool you probably will ever use. Try it. Email me angrily in all caps if I’m wrong :)

GPTs will be made for every use case, for every vertical, and for every industry.

These are prompts 10.0.

And OpenAI is going to release a directory to feature the top ones. I bet you could make a GPT that gets featured. I know you could.

And I would love to teach you how to make them, give you feedback, and show you how I built my GPTs. Not only that, I would love to learn from you as well!

So I’ve made a free community for GPT Builders, and I’d love to see you in there. Share your GPTs that you’ve built, your favorite ones you’ve seen, and let’s build a community of GPT builders who are diving headfirst into this new world of GPTs.

Let's share with each other! Let's help each other! Making one of the first great GPTs could be just as big an opportunity as making one of the first iPhone apps.

In this community we are:

  • Sharing our tips and knowledge with building GPTs

  • Sharing our GPTs and getting feedback

  • Launching our GPTs and learning how to market them

  • Having fun

If this community grows we will:

  • Organize live chats

  • Create tutorial videos

See you in there! 🫡