Autonomous Agent that plays Minecraft, $2mil in funding, and a must read from a16z

Plus: 13 other links + Learn how to cowork with AI

Hey AI people!

This week flew by. I’ve been spending most of my time improving a new AI product with the Octane AI team, and conducting lots of experiments around data crunching and AI based simulations for brands. It is very fun to work on and I am having a blast.

It today’s newsletter I have two announcements and plenty of interesting and intriguing developments in the world of autonomous agents and AI. These are the most interesting things that caught my eye this week, I hope they help and inspire you on your own AI journey.

Let’s get to it!


  1. Big shoutout to subscriber Damdi Pawlowski! Last week I mentioned that I really wanted to get access to Anthropic’s new 100k token context model, and right after I sent the email out Damdi DMed me on Twitter and made it happen! Make sure to sign up for Damdi’s virtual Anthropic AI Hackathon and maybe you can get access too.

  2. Introducing the “Coworking with AI” live cohort, a 2 week class I am teaching alongside Ben Parr for anyone who wants to learn to apply AI to their every day work tasks. I’ve been using AI every day for the past two years as a coworker (I was in OpenAI’s first private beta for GPT-3), and it has completely changed the way I work. You can use AI to write your emails, conduct research, brainstorm strategy and ideas, analyze data, and interface better with your counterparts at work. In the class we’re going to have a lot of fun with hands-on projects, and you’ll get to meet other interesting professionals who are learning about AI too. Sign up for the 2 week cohort, it’s going to be super valuable and a lot of fun.

Autonomous Agents News:

Interesting AI News

New to autonomous agents? Start here:

That’s it for today! I hope you have a fantastic week. Please reach out on email (matt at mattprd dot com) or DM me on Twitter @MattPRD if you want to chat.

Talk to you all soon!