1,000x One Part Of Yourself

What is the point of replicating an entire person?

I run a profitable fully remote AI company that is making millions in revenue and most of my time is spent coding AI. I am very lucky.

I have one meeting a week on Mondays, the rest of the time I am coding AI experiments to help scale every part of our business, team, or myself, that an LLM like GPT-4 can do a comparable or better job than a human.

This accomplishes many things at the same time, I stay on the cutting edge of LLM developments and implementation strategies, I am expanding my knowledge and creativity, I am improving my skills as a developer, and I am ultimately increasing revenue and decreasing stress at my company.

On my white board I constantly jot down notes, todo lists, diagrams, and flow charts, but these are erased and replaced daily. Except for the top right of my whiteboard there is a note in red that has been there for months. I’m looking at it right now as I write this.

LLMs are intelligence as a service. It is unbelievable. It is scary. At the end of an API call, every developer in the world can now loop in an intelligence that represents the culmination of human knowledge and culture. A 140 IQ counterpart a function call away. It is inside of the machine.

Think back to two years ago. Did you think something like this would exist today?

I have this note “1000x one part of yourself” on my whiteboard to frame how I think about LLMs. They can’t replace an entire person today, I can’t build software yet that can entirely replace everything that I do. I do a LOT of things, and so does every other person. Maybe someday this will be possible, but I’m also not sure its the most optimal direction for software.

What is the point of replicating an entire person?

When developing AIs I have found that it is most optimal to identify specific skills in a person that an AI could execute at a comparable or better level. Write these skills down, prioritize them by the impact on your business if you suddenly could be implementing these skills 1,000x faster or at 1,000x volume.

This is exactly what I am doing at my company.

Here are a few of the areas I have coded or am coding AI systems to help with:

  • Implementing our product automatically for our customers (Customer Success)

  • Project management and prioritization across the company (CEO)

  • Researching and drafting content (Marketing)

  • Drafting help documentation (Support)

  • Researching leads and preparing personalized materials (Sales)

If I were you I would be doing the exact same thing.

Here’s a starting point of how to think about scaling your business with AI:

  1. Identify a department at your company

  2. Make a list of the top most time intensive tasks they currently spend time on

  3. Go through each task and see if it something that can be automated with a custom coded solution, ChatGPT, or another existing AI tool.

  4. Do it.

This technology is available to everyone right now, and it is going to become ubiquitous, but there is a small time window where first movers do get a huge advantage. If you scale parts of yourself with AI before everyone else does it, how much of a leap forward can you make before everyone is doing it?

Success and momentum compound and this window is very small.

My advice: Jump headfirst into AI with everything you’ve got.

Please reach out on email (matt at mattprd dot com) or DM me on Twitter @MattPRD if you want to chat.

Talk to you all soon!